CONTEC8000G ECG Workstation

CONTEC8000G ECG Workstation

CONTEC8000G ECG workstation is composed of computer terminal and CONTEC8000G . With the functions of sync collection and analysis for 12 leads ECG, and accurately reflecting the testee’s heart beat, which becomes a reliable basis for doctor to diagnose.



CONTEC8000G uses the advanced international technique, with the powerful function and small shape.
Adopt real-time sampling, display and store mode, it has many functions, such as real-time analyzing QRS wave, calculating heart rate and real-time print, and has three filter methods: baseline filtering, frequency filtering, EMG filtering.
This equipment adopts advanced ECG analysis arithmetic, it is more perfect for the computer to seek points, and can obtain reliable auto-recognizing sort of arrhythmia, which can make the analyzing report and conclusion more valuable.

The “shortcut print” function can preview or print the whole analysis reports, and save them in PC with multimedia format (BMP, PNG, PDF or JPG format) according to factual need, to review them conveniently and intuitively.

Multi-mainstream ECG lead mode, supports Wilson and Frank standard lead.

High sampling frequency (1000Hz) ensures ECG waves have no distortion. High resolution in display and printout, to ensure the details of ECG waves.

Powerful and perfect function of database Management makes it convenient to exceed, lookup, delete, modify, backup, recovery and modify the case data information, and support combined conditions query function.

Lead-off awake function. The software will prompt lead-off when lead-off happens during sampling,The indicator light (blue) on the recorder can flicker with aptotic frequency and turns off in any other case.

Many function can be achieved, such as: replay, automatic analyses and diagnose, Frequency Cardiogram (FCG), High Frequency ECG, QT internal Dispersion analysis, Heart Rate Variability (HRV) analysis, myocardium ischemia (STLE) analysis, Heart rate turbulence (HRT) analysis, Pacing ECG analysis, Vector Cardiogram (VCG), Time Vector Cardiogram (TVCG) and SAECG etc..